IRON MAN MK. 42 Full Body Armor

IRON MAN MK. 42 Full Body Armor

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These suits are made of high-quality EVA foam soaked in epoxy resin for a hard metal like feel. Automotive paint ensures a glossy finish that has water resistance and does not scratch easily. These suits are 100% hand-made and take approximately 30 days to produce each one.

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Lights & Features:

  • Eye lights ( White and Red color modes )
  • Refined Chest Arc Reactor light
  • Blue lights under the chest armor
  • Two hand repulsor lights
  • The helmet is opened manually by lifting it with your hand, but high powered magnets make sure it stays locked in place while you’re walking around.


Full body EVA foam Armor + 3 layers refined car-painting


Payment Options:

  • Use Initial payment first and pay the final payment before your suit ships
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  • The Handmade Creation process is 4-5 weeks. 
  • Shipping typically takes 1-2 weeks 
  • Before shipment, we will take a photo and send it to you for a quick preview and to collect remaining payment. 
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